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Nevernight Pin Sketch + New Business Cards & Kaz Postcard!

Hey everyone, welcome to my first blog post here at Chiqui Creates! In this post I'll show you some of the products and designs that I've been working on.

Just wanting to update everyone who's been excited about a Nevernight pin; I've done some sketches for a Mr. Kindly pin that I've previewed on my IG stories. I am now sharing it here:

I wanted the design to be half-cat and half-smoke/shadow because of the relation of Mr. Kindly to the shadows, but also something that could be worn even if you have not read the Nevernight series. There will be special effects on the pin and I hope you'll be excited for it!

I will also be posting a video of me working on Mr. Kindly in Photoshop and Illustrator. I'll be uploading it to my upcoming YouTube channel so do subscribe to my blog if you want to be alerted to that!

Shop Rebranding and Postcards

My second shop anniversary is also coming up soon and I've been slowly rebranding in the lead up to it. One of the changes is my business card. Here's the design of the new one:

Chiqui Creates Pastel Business Card

I wanted to be more true to what colors and aesthetic I like because in the end, that's what keeps me interested in my shop! I designed the new business card in a way so that I can write a thank you note directly on it. It also doubles as a pin backing card, which I plan to use for seconds pins and also some upcoming pastel-y, original pin designs.

Lastly, I also made a 6 inch x 4 inch Six of Crows / Kaz Brekker postcard! Here it is with a watermark (actual postcard will not have a watermark of course):

This Kaz Brekker postcard is designed by me, with illustrations by crika117 on Instagram. She's such a talented artist and has been excellent in bringing to life my ideas! Do give her a follow to support her.

I made this postcard as a pretty backing to make my bubble mailers a bit sturdier and less prone to folding, plus as a cute little freebie to everyone who bought something from my shop.

However, I've also been thinking of making post cards an actual product. What do you think?

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If I do make post cards a product, I will release several designs all at the same time. So yes, there will be the entire Dregs cast as well as another cast I can't wait to show you!

The business cards and Kaz postcards are currently in production. When they're done, I'll show the final physical product in another blog post.

If you want to keep yourself updated with all my blog updates, please do sign up for my Chiqui Creates Blog mailing list!

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