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Rebranding and scaling up my business

Hey friends! This is more of a rambling, general business talk kind of post. Still, I hope that my thoughts can provide some useful tips and ideas to other business owners or those wanting to start a business!

From I-don't-know-my-look to pastel princess

So I just wanted to talk a bit about my rebranding. I still have the same logo because I think the hint of pink suits me and I still am selling jewelry. However, I've been switching it around in terms of packaging, business cards, IG feed, and just the general aesthetic associated with my brand.

In one of my previous posts I showed you a few of the things I've been doing and among them is a redesign of my business card. Now I'm going to tell you a secret: my old business card was just an online template that I hastily slapped my logo onto LOL.

After two years in business and a stack of 300 or so business cards finally cleared, I set out to designing a card that is unique to me.

Check out my old business card (left) compared to my double-sided new one!

Chiqui Creates Business Cards Pastel

I intentionally left a large space in the front of the card because I've always been writing thank you notes to my customers and I still intend on doing that. This space will allow me that same freedom. It's pastel pink and baby blue because I'm pastel trash and that aesthetic is what makes me happy. And the polka dots make it look so cute!

Committing to a consistent IG feed

I've also begun taking more consistent photos for my IG feed.

Chiqui Creates IG Feed Pastel

Again, another confession: I had such a difficult time motivating myself to take photos of my designs. Usually I would just snap a photo and that's it, or I would simply repost rep photos.

But now that I've committed to a rebrand I've been taking photos of my own. I do love every single person who's taken a photo of my products and I can't thank them enough, but if I want a consistent brand all across my platforms then I need to start redoing my IG feed too. And that means taking photos that are consistent with the colors I like and love.

I also aim to slowly change the photos on my website to the pastel theme of my IG.

Packaging and freebies

Now that I'm writing this I'm realizing that I had trouble with a lot of things in my shop LOL!

My packaging is something that I have been changing up repeatedly because I never was satisfied with a certain way of packaging for long. I also struggled with whether I should be giving out freebies or not, and I've done so many different things throughout my almost two years in business.

Chiqui Creates Cute Etsy Online Business Packaging

I still don't think I've quite gotten it and I am still looking for ways on how to be more eco-friendly with my packaging, but I think I'm getting there. At least, now I have a consistent freebie in mind that I hope people will like, in the form of cute character post cards!

Why all this rebranding?

I want my brand to stick to people's minds. I want them to know that when they see these kinds of colors and these kinds of photos, it's probably me who posts them.

Recall can do a lot for a business because people don't just remember my brand immediately on the first encounter, especially since I'm only running a small business. But if they see me again and see the same kind of theme going on, they'll slowly remember who I am and, hopefully, one day visit my site and buy something from me.

Chiqui Creates Cute Pastel Etsy Business Packaging

Aside from that, the new branding just makes me happy. I wasn't very sure where I was going or the identity of my shop when I first started, and it took me almost two years to finally figure out what I want.

And that's okay; we all figure out things at our own pace.

My plans for the future

At first I started my business just for some side cash, but now I'm realizing that this is what I want to be doing for a long time.

I want to turn this side job into a full-time job, but back when I was only making jewelry it was just not feasible. First off, I was barely making anything and even losing money some months. And when I did have a lot of orders it took away so much of the free time I had left, since I had to manually create, pack, and ship jewelry myself.

That's why I've turned to designing pins. Pin designing is so fun and I can leave much of the manufacturing to third parties. Of course I still need to sort pins and pack and ship pins out myself, but right now I find so much joy in doing every single one of that that it doesn't feel at all like work to me.

And that's only a fraction of what I have planned for my shop! I also want to sell cute prints, magnetic bookmarks, stickers, washi tape, prints, and so much more.


I hope that this post was interesting and I hope it helps future or current business owners. My shop is relatively young still but I've learned so much from both small and big businesses and I hope that I can contribute to helping others too!

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