Enamel Pin Oopsies! (Discount not applicable)

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This is a listing for hugely-flawed enamel pins! These are enamel pins with big, noticeable flaws. These include:

  • big patches of areas where there is thin or no color filling
  • noticeable dust and scratches on enamel and/or metal
  • large areas of ink bleeding
  • broken/missing pin post
  • other possible flaws not mentioned above

I have provided some photo examples of oopsies (although this is not all of them) to give you an idea of the flaws of these pins.

Please note that you are willingly purchasing a pin with noticeable flaws if you choose to buy an oopsie. I will not entertain complaints or replacement requests.

Refund requests will be entertained if the item is mailed back to me and the customer bears the cost of packaging and mailing. I will not be responsible for return postage.

Because these pins are already heavily discounted, promo codes are not applicable.

Please remember to choose the correct enamel pin name in the list provided.

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Enamel Pin Oopsies! (Discount not applicable)