[PREORDER] The Witcher Pins (Discount not applicable)

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This listing is for the PRE-ORDERS for my pin designs inspired by The Witcher! When you pre-order you get 15% off total price. This discount will no longer be applicable once the pre-order deadline is over.

Please note that existing discount codes are not applicable to this pre-order.

Pre-order deadline: February 11 2020, 11.59pm GMT +8

This is a required pre-order. If the pre-order does not fulfill my minimum orders required, it will not be put into production. If the pre-order fails to meet minimum order by the deadline, all who paid will be refunded.

The pins will not go into production until February 11 (if minimum orders are reached). That means that there will be at least one more month of wait after February 11.

Pins will be expected to reach me (if minimum order is reached) by mid-March.

If one pin doesn't reach minimum order requirement but the other pin does, the pin that reaches minimum order will still be produced and the pin that doesn't reach minimum orders will be refunded.

Please read through the above information thoroughly and only make a purchase if you are comfortable with the terms above! 

[PREORDER] The Witcher Pins (Discount not applicable)