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Business cards, postcards are here, plus Mr. Kindly enamel pin video!

Hey friends, I'm so excited to show you these photos of my new business cards and Kaz Brekker postcards!

I ranted a bit on my IG stories about how I didn't really like the print quality of the postcards and business cards. Still, they're not super bad and I can't wait to slip these into your packages. From now onwards you will get the business cards and the postcard along with your orders! I will not be selling postcards until I find a better printer, though.

You may also have noticed some black, silver foil-stamped cards in the photo. These will be the backing cards of the new Nevernight pin I'm working on!

New Enamel Pin Coming Up

And yes, I've finally edited and uploaded my screen capture of me working on the enamel pin design for Mr. Kindly from The Nevernight Chronicles by Jay Kristoff. Watch it below:

In case you haven't read the series yet, Mr. Kindly is one of the really fun characters in it. He takes on the form of a shadow cat (or not-cat?) and accompanies the main hero, Mia Corvere, in her fascinating and action-packed quest for vengeance.

Please note though that The Nevernight Chronicles is not a YA book series! It's popular with the YA-reading crowd but it's actually quite violent and has a lot of detailed sex scenes. It's definitely a novel that's not for the faint at heart!

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What else would you like to see in my blog? Please do let me know in the comments!

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  • Aug 03, 2019
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