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Childe and Zhongli Preorders, Updates on SJM Pins

Childe and Zhongli Limited Edition pins production is currently underway! Here is a quick look at the proofs that my manufacturer sent me.

Please note the +1 on the quantity is for a sample pin! Official count is still LE50 for normal Childe and Zhongli, and LE15 for Delusion Childe.

Childe Pin Design
Childe Enamel Pin
Zhongli Enamel Pins

Updates on SJM Pins

Feyre, Rowan, and Aelin samples are currently halfway done! Here are some pics that my manufacturer sent me. Please note that these are not plated yet and screenprint has not yet been added.

Feyre Enamel Pin Progress Photo

Rowan Enamel Pin Progress Photo

Aelin Enamel Pin Progress Photo

In addition, Aelin is missing her holographic glitters which my manufacturer has confirmed will be added in the final product.

Please note that there is an upcoming Lunar New Year holiday in China, which starts on February 12 and will last at least one week, although many businesses can be closed for longer. This may cause potential delays in the manufacturing process.

Thank you for your kind understanding regarding this matter.

  • Jan 22, 2021
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