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Feyre, Rowan, and Aelin Pin Preorder Updates

Some great news today, my SJM pins have just arrived! I'm going to start grading them now and then send out preorders really soon. My aim is to finish sending preorders next week before I list these pins on my shop.

Feyre, Rowan, and Aelin

Aelin Pin Glitter Issue

Since I chose holographic glitter for Aelin, is an issue with the glitter for Aelin that makes it look too pink when viewed straight on. Please see photos of the different angles below:

Aelin Enamel Pin Front

Aelin Enamel Pin Angle One

Aelin Enamel Pin Angle 2

To those who pre-ordered Aelin, please let me know if this issue bothers you! If you are unsatisfied with the pin, you can choose one of two resolutions:

  • Full refund for the Aelin pin (and shipping cost if you only bought Aelin)
  • Wait for remakes of Aelin without the glitter (if you ordered items other than Aelin, you will need to wait until the remakes are done before I can send you your package)

Please note that it can take for up to 2 months before remakes are finished!

If you want to see a video of the Aelin pin, please let me know by replying to the email I have sent you and I'll be happy to provide you with a video.

Likewise, if you would like a refund or wait for non-glitter remakes, feel free to simply reply to the email I have sent you.

Thank you so so much for your support, I'm so happy these pins got made with your help! I'll be sending another email once all preorders have been sent out.

Stay safe and healthy and wonderful!

  • Mar 02, 2021
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