Worldwide shipping. Free USA shipping on shirts.

  Worldwide shipping. Free USA shipping on shirts.

Important Update: Shipping delays due to Covid-19 restrictions

Unfortunately, sometimes I would need to be the bearer of bad news.

Due to movement restrictions, I won't be able to send out mail until the 1st of June. These include any pre-orders that have been made before the enhanced community measures kicked in.

I have decided to keep my shop open; however, please note that I will not be sending out any mail until after the government measures have been lifted.

If you have purchased prior to the announcement (excluding pre-orders), I will contact you directly to make the necessary arrangements. Unfortunately, I can't do the same with pre-orders as the payment from these have already been used to manufacture the pins.

If you have received an email saying that I have shipped out your pre-order, you don't need to worry about waiting as these have been sent out before the measures kicked in. Please note however that there may be delays in mail getting to you, due to worldwide restrictions on air travel as well as any local post office restrictions and limitations you might have in your country.

Digital downloads will of course always be available to download instantly!

I'm so sorry for all the delays, especially to those who have pre-ordered my Witcher pins. You've been so patient and understanding that it really pains me to let you down again.

I hope you're all staying safe and well during these strange, unprecedented times.

  • Apr 28, 2020
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