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Preorder statuses for SJM, Genshin Impact, & Aerith pins

Hello friends! Here's a short (?) post on the status updates of all preorders, as well as shipping status of the Rhys, Hunt, & Nikolai preorders, as of 8 December 2020 Philippine Time (GMT +8).

Preorder Status for Feyre, Rowan, and Aelin

Feyre, Rowan, Aelin Enamel Pins

Feyre, Rowan, and Aelin pin preorders have not yet filled the required slots for preorder to be successful. Currently the numbers I still need to fill in are: 17 for Feyre, 16 for Rowan, 19 for Aelin.

Please do share about the pin preorders to someone interested if you know anyone! Preorders end on December 15.

I will of course be refunding everyone in full if preorders are not successful.

Preorder Status for Aerith Gainsborough


Wall Market Aerith is in production! My manufacturer is currently in the process of producing a sample for Aerith and emails have been sent to all those who preordered for Aerith.

I hope to get the sample photo within the upcoming weeks.

Preorder Status for Diluc and Venti

Diluc and Venti are both in mass production! I expect them to be finished by late January next year, but I'll of course update you if any unexpected delays happen.

Preorder shipping status for Rhys, Hunt, and Nikolai

All preorders for Rhys, Hunt, and Nikolai have been shipped and their tracking status updated! Please check your email with the tracking number if you wish to check on where your pin is at the moment.

I hope they reach you soon and that you'll like them as much as I do.

Thank you all so, so much for your support! It really means the world to me that I get to do what I love and that people like what I come up with as well hehe! I hope to bring you even more fun and eye-catching designs next year.

Thank you again!

  • Dec 08, 2020
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