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Rhys, Nikolai, & Hunt Update & Pin Manu Delays

Hi friends!

Some good and bad news in this update. The good news is Rhysand, Nikolai, and Hunt pins are all done! Check them out below:

Rhysand Hard Enamel Pin

Nikolai Lantsov Hard Enamel Pin

Hunt Athalar Hard Enamel Pin

The bad news is that I have another pin that I've manufactured along with this batch that needed to be remade. So unfortunately, the shipping of all these pins to my place will be delayed for a bit, as my manufacturer remakes some faulty pins.

(PS: If you've seen my stories and posts about my pin design contest and its winner, you know which pin I'm waiting on hehe!)

As always, I'll keep you all updated when the pins are on the way to me, as well as when I'm ready to send them off to their new homes.

Thank you so so much for your patience and support!


  • Oct 15, 2020
  • Category: News
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