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Survey for enamel pendant necklaces + new pins & videos!

Hey everyone! This is just a short blog post today as I've been really busy working on several new products, including necklaces with enamel pendants and a few new enamel pins!

Which enamel pin should I turn into a necklace?

Sometime back I set up a survey on my IG stories asking whether my followers would be interested in having some of my pin designs as a necklace, and the response was pretty positive. I can only do my latest pin designs as an enamel pin though, since I'm no longer working with the manufacturer of my Illuminae Files rainbow pin.

Here's where I need your help! I can't decide on which enamel pin to turn into a necklace first. You can view the choices below and take part in the survey below the photo. Please note the sizes of the pins too, as they will be the same sizes of the necklace pendant. This is because my manufacturer will be using the same mold for them!

Create your own user feedback survey


Enamel pin design previews!

I've been working on new enamel pins! This time they will be general bookish-themed and also rather pastel. Here's one of the two designs! I'm still pondering on whether to make it a soft enamel pin with purple spray-paint on the metal parts or a hard enamel pin with rose gold plating.

Which one do you like more? Let me know in the comments below!

New YouTube video: designing bookish sticker sheets

I've also been uploading as much as I can on my YouTube channel, I'm aiming to get a video up once a week although I may be occasionally late in posting them. Here's my latest video where I work on designs for a new celestial-themed bookish sticker sheet for planners!

I tried to draw almost everything on this sticker sheet set manually (e.g.: without help from the shape tool, etc.) because I wanted the organic kind of look. I don't know if I was entirely successful but I still hope you like the end result! Check out the video below:

 I hope you enjoyed that! If you're interested in more videos, check out my YouTube channel! I upload speed drawings, tutorials, studio vlogs and anything else that may come into my head lol! It would also help so much if you like and comment on my video so I know which kind of content you enjoy and so I can keep making videos like those.

Let me know of any questions or concerns you might have by leaving a comment below!

  • Sep 21, 2019
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Kimberly B. September 22, 2019

My favorite of the two bookish pins is the more purple one, but both are great!

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WTdHMXnBhcqpClxj September 28, 2020


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