The Hamsters Love-Themed Magnetic Bookmarks

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Hammond and Harriet are making their magnetic bookmark debut! This magnetic bookmark set's theme is Valentines Day, although these cute, love-themed bookmarks can be used at any month of the year.

Hammond H. Hamster and Harriet H. Hamster are me and my boyfriend's original characters. They're small, shy hamsters who are just living life happily and doing their best..!!

Hammond and Harriet are also a couple! This Valentines Day they aim to spread love to everyone and of course enjoy each other's company. These bookmarks are a collection of some of my favorite artworks of this smol and cute couple. These hamster characters are so precious to me and I hope you like them as much as me and my boyfriend do. :)

Please make sure that you're choosing the correct bookmark from the dropdown list! Get 10% off when you buy the entire set.

The Hamsters Love-Themed Magnetic Bookmarks