"It's only a game" Clock and Ticket Enamel Pin

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"Remember, it's only a game..."

I wanted to make some pins that you can wear on your collared shirts and came up with the idea of a clock and a ticket connected by a chain. Then I thought that maybe people would like to buy just one piece and not both? So I made the chain detachable so you can be free to choose which one you like without having a permanent chain attached to it. If you get both pins, you can even choose whether or not you want the chain in!

Each pin features a black heart-shaped rubber post and a stamped logo on the back.

You can add on a 10cm (around 4 inches) chain for FREE only when you get both pins. Please only add on the chain if you really want it.

Details of the enamel pin below:

Pin type: Hard enamel
Metal color/Plating: nickel
Width: 3cm
Height: 2.95cm
Clasp: 2 black heart rubber posts
Other features: Screen printing for white sparkles and recessed metal (dark grey areas)
Backstamp: Chiqui Creates logo

Pin type: Hard enamel
Metal color/Plating: nickel
Width: 2.5cm
Height: 1.39cm
Clasp: 1 black heart rubber post
Backstamp: Chiqui Creates mini-logo

Chain (optional): 10cm

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"It's only a game" Clock and Ticket Enamel Pin