Mythology Collection: Athena Stein Mug 22oz

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This large, 22oz mug features artwork of Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom, warfare, crafts, and so many others. This daughter of Zeus emerged full-grown from his forehead and could not be dominated by other goddesses. Widely worshipped in ancient Greece, her name is the basis for the capital city of Athens.

Packed with class and a timeless design, this stein mug looks like a true work of art. This stein mug is both scratch-resistant and dishwasher-safe, and made with durable, white ceramic material.

Height, in 6.50
Diameter, in 3.70

 More information on this mug:

.: Ribbed outlines along the mugs top, bottom and handle
.: Material: durable white ceramic
.: Scratch resistant surface
.: Dishwasher safe

Mythology Collection: Athena Stein Mug 22oz