Hello! My name is Chiqui, and I'm a Filipina who loves books, games, and art. After running my personal Instagram account, chiquireads, for a little over a year, I thought it would be cool to set up my own bookish/fandom-inspired  accessories shop!

My shop started as a bookish accessory shop because it combined two things I love: shiny things and books. Coming up with designs for my favorite characters and universes that I've read has been a source of joy for me and a means of relaxing and escaping from the mundane rituals of a job and daily life. Plus I got to share my creations with other people who love and appreciate similar fandoms to mine, and in the process I gained not only new customers but new friendships!

Eventually that shop expanded into bookmarks and pins, and now I'm delving into gaming merch. I also aim to do more original art and turn them into merch in the near future.

I hope my designs bring happiness to all who own them!

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