Celestial Bookish Pin - Book Spines - Purple Metal Soft Enamel

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Love books and anything celestial? Me too, which is why I designed this bookish pin! This design of book spines with celestial swirls and a sun book stopper was originally from my sticker sheet, but I liked this so much that I made a few adjustments and turned it into a pin.

This pin is soft enamel and features purple spray-painted metal so that the design keeps its soft, pastel aesthetic.

Details of the enamel pin below:

Pin type: Soft enamel
Metal color: Purple spray-painted
Height: 20.2mm
Width: 40mm
Clasp: 2 purple rubber clasps at the back
Other: Chiqui Creates logo at the back

Pin Grading:

Standard - High quality, little to no immediately visible flaws. Possible tiny areas that have thin enamel fill, such as small stars. Suitable for collectors.
Seconds - Visible flaws and imperfections such as dents on enamel, underfilled  enamel, etc. There are no major flaws such as big patches of wrong colors or unfilled colors, etc. Even if these pins are flawed, they're still pretty and wearable!

Celestial Bookish Pin - Book Spines - Purple Metal Soft Enamel